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"We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the valid leads we receive from Rentlinx! We have some wonderful tenants who found us due to the Rentlinx leads program. We also appreciate the fact that you refund non-qualifying leads and that your company stands behind its product so professionally each time we've contacted you. As apartment managers, we love Rentlinx!"

- Jeanne F., Property Manager, Blanco Oaks Apartments 8/16/2016

" I just wanted to thank you so much for this amazing site! It is easy to use, in every way! And it has generated lots of leads and been so helpful even in a time when I'm changing property managers - right in the middle of a rental (1st one with me for 8 years... she's retiring). Thank you again for taking care of us like we were family. I am so grateful. Many blessings to you all."

- Susan M., Owner, Allen Street Homeplace, LLC 6/4/2016

"Thank you and your team for the assistance. I will upgrade as I continue utilizing your expertise in marketing for future available properties."

- Charles B., Owner, 5/2/2016

"Thanks to every one to work for RentLinx, excellent service, I will recommended, my house is already rented with a great tenant."

- Gloria K., Owner, 4/11/2016

"I just wanted to express what great customer service I received from Katie Williams in helping me retrieve a rental posting that I accidentally deleted. She was so very fast and helpful and saved me so much time not having to recreate my listing. In these days and times customer service like this is hard to find. RentLinx is a great site for using with listing rental properties and easy to use. Thanks so Much!"

- Matt Ham, Owner, Ham Properties 3/10/2016

"Just wanted to say thank you for making it quite easy to add a new property to our listings. I have only used Rentlinx once before, and this time needed to get it done quickly - and the website design is fantastic. Thanks a lot."

- Miriam Zoodsma, Owner, KCSWH Properties 9/21/2015

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your service. Renting a property can be stressful and time consuming. You made everything so much easier. Thank you."

- Marci B., Property Manager, Brands Property Management 9/8/2015

"I had recently purchased my first multi family home and I have been very stressed lately to find my first tenant for my apartment. A friend of mine suggested RentLinx and I gave it a try 2 weeks ago. Thanks to RentLinx I found an amazing couple to rent out my apartment and we just signed the lease last night! Your website is wonderful and so easy. I cannot thank RentLinx enough!!!!!!"

- Brian L., Owner, 8/4/2015

"I love RentLinx, I get really good tenants from RentLinx. I've been a landlord in Phoenix for 55 years and I accidentally stumbled upon RentLinx about 5 years ago and I've gotten really good tenants. It's amazing!"

- P. Stewart, Owner, 7/7/2015

"The leads I get from Rentlinx are unreal usually two days after posting ....leads pour in....thanks a bunch!!!!! :-)"

- Thomas A. Pannazzo, NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, LowFeeNYCRentals.com 2/26/2015

"I just want to thank you for having such a great site! I got quite a few calls for the rental I had posted on Rentlinx . I was able to rent the apartment relatively quickly so I deleted my ad. I have since recommended Rentlinx to anyone looking for a rental or wanting to advertise a rental. Keep up the good work!"

- Lorraine G., Owner, 2/23/2015

"Thank you for your website...Keep up the "world class" service that you provide! What a superior service you are to busy rental property owners!"

- Kathy S., Property Manager, Astro Building Maintenance 2/19/2015

"Thank you!! I will be telling everyone I know about your site. It is Great! "

- Amy H., Owner, 2/16/2015

"I have been very successful using RentLinx. The second person to view the apt signed a lease agreement. I will be reusing your service for an apartment that will become available in May."

- Ron K. , Owner, 2/16/2015

"As a corporate housing provider and former property manager, I am a long time user of RentLinx. The support and service are unrivaled in the rental listing service industry. I have called and emailed on a variety of simple questions/issues. I am promptly and consistently greeted by someone who is clearly eager to help! Imagine that! Then I sometimes send feedback or report a problem I figure they are not going to like too much. Not only does issue get fixed - immediately, they express appreciation for bringing it to their attention. Even the ideas I share with them are received the same way. They have even followed up to let me know they implemented my idea. The attention to the customer is a refreshing experience. By the way, I just put three of my buildings on "PLUS" today!"

- Doug B., Corporate Housing Provider, MotorCityRelocation.com 2/6/2015

"I want to thank you for your service. From your website advertising my Home for Rent on the other websites like Zillow and Hotpads, I was able to find a client that wanted to rent my home. He and his wife fell in love with the home, and will be moving in February 1st. Thank you so much for your wonderful expedient service. When I post my home here in Vero Beach, I will use your service again and will recommend it to others."

- Dollie R., Owner, 1/22/2015

"I would like to cancel my RentLinx Plus! for both of my properties. Your service was great and generated so many leads that for now I don't need it. I will contact you again once I need your services."

- George T, Property Manager, Paseo Properties 1/19/2015

"We have a company account with (competitor-name-deleted) but we get triple the leads from RentLinx...! Plus you guys are so quick to respond and your site is so user friendly! We really appreciate all of your hard work.""

- Mary B., Property Manager, Woda Management 1/16/2015

"I'm amazed by your site and the idea behind it. I got over 25 inquiries into my listing within a few days. Unbelievable...and all for $50. I tried to list with another site and they wanted $199!? and best part is that they were included in my $50 through your site.. :-)"

- Yosef Ben, Owner, 11/11/2014

"Thank you ShowMeTheRent for pointing out an "affordable" community in Sunnyvale, Texas. Keep up the good work!"

- Lucie K., Renter, 9/21/2014

"I'm soo happy to have discovered you guys! Really makes our rentals run efficiently and I've seen other sites/programs...Nothing comes close :)"

- Sarah, , Paris Realty 9/17/2014

"RentLinx really worked for me and I found my tenant once again!"

- Victor M, Owner, Marriott Property Managment 9/8/2014

"Rentlinx has been a life saver for my job in this office!"

- Shona, , One Home Line Realty 8/27/2014

"We are now 100% full. We thank you for all your help and I'm sure we'll be back with you in the future. We're just glad to finally fill up again and be over the 30-40% vacancies and Rentlinx is a great help."

- Noel P, Property Manager, Jonesboro Apartments 7/29/2014

"I love love love using your site to list my vacancies!"

- Susan C, Community Manager, Fox Creek Village 7/15/2014

"I love Rentlinx! I did some research and discovered that Rentlinx got great reviews and was a user friendly site. It really is! I'm glad we made the change!"

- Laura K., Property Manager, Farwell Real Estate, Inc. 6/13/2014

"Thanks for your response. This site was so helpful and perfect to get my listing out, we received a lot of hits on the property."

- Leanna R., Owner, 6/9/2014

"Thank you RentLinx!"

- Antonio R., Broker, 5/31/2014

"Your company was effective. We received dozens of replies. We will use again for next vacancy, hopefully not for a long while."

- Ethan G., Property Owner, The P.S.R.T. Company 5/28/2014

"Thank you for your kind support, in settling me down. Since my husband died, life is very, very challenging without him, by my side. Your kindness & sincerity were heartfelt, yesterday."

- Anne F, Property Manager, Birmingham North Condo 5/27/2014

"I'm LOVING the new website integration part of Rentlinx! It really offers a nice fresh look to our property listings, thank you for your hard work to make our jobs easier! :)"

- Megan, Property Manager, Investor's Property Management 4/29/2014

"RentLinx was super easy to use and very intuitive. Posting photos was so simple. I loved the click and drag feature to post pictures of my property. My property posting on the site featured these pictures prominently, making my ad a real attention grabber. Thanks RentLinx! "

- Tom J, Owner, Tom's Rental House 2/19/2014

"I’m a huge fan and promote it weekly to our managers!"

- Holly N., Director of Marketing, The Sterling Group 12/19/2013

"Thanks a lot, I appreciate your response. The website is excellent and I am very pleased with the results."

- Peter G., Broker, A.C. Lawrence & Co. 9/9/2013

"The leads I get from you are terrific, much much better than craigslist. This vacancy was rented quickly from your leads!"

- Lyn A, Manager, SARR Investments LLC 7/22/2013

"I am a rental property owner and have been using RentLinx for over 4 years now. The service is very simple to use and provides invaluable tenant leads. Thanks!"

- Jeremy D., Owner, JMD Group LLC 6/24/2013

"No Questions...just compliments. What a wonderful website and service you offer here. I spoke to Julie and she was a doll, very helpful and patient. What a nice surprise to have a human answer the phone and be so helpful."

- Tina M, Proprietor, Ashbrooke Properties 4/15/2013

"I thought I would mention what a tremendous influence RentLinx Plus! has on our traffic and rate of leasing – we are seeing phenomenal results from ShowMeTheRent and the multitude of other sites that are a part of the RentLinx Plus! package! We wouldn't be where we are now (climbing from a low of 50% at purchase up to current of 80% and moving forward) if we had not upgraded to Plus! "

- Jennifer E, Property Manager, Water's Edge Apartments 3/26/2013

"You all are amazing! I appreciate all you do."

- Joshua S., Marketing / Leasing, Perry Place & Grand Bend Club 3/19/2013

"LOVE the new layout! With my active listings put at the top of the list it saves me a lot of time versus clicking between pages to update my listings. Thank you for keeping Rentlinx one of the most user friendly and functional advertising tools out there!"

- Megan P., Leasing, Investor's Property Management 1/29/2013

"Great Job - you have made listing my properties easy and I get tons of calls & emails. Thank you "

- C Campbell, Property Manager, Campbell Home Rescue 12/17/2012

"Thank you! Found a Tenant thanks to Rentlinx Plus! "


"Your company is exceeding our expectations on all levels of performance. You are the easiest to work with whenever a lead is disputed as a duplicate, and the quality of leads you bring us are exceptionally better than others. We love seeing these (refund) emails, it shows you care to be our 'partner' in advertising. Thanks for all you do!"

- Cheri L., Regional Director, Sterling Management 11/12/2012

"Thanks Amanda...Love the site. :)"

- Ron D., Owner, 9/18/2012

"I have written award winning books with a RentLinx pen"

- Philip C. Stead, New York Times Best Selling Author, 4/19/2012

"Property is leased up. Plus! Rocks!"

- Greg D., Owner, Elite Concepts LLC 4/13/2012

"I have to mention how convenient the set up of RentLinx is to us property professionals. Great job! And I love the bit about how RentLinx continues to give back. Kudos!"

- Sarah R., Leasing Manager, Cityview Senior Tower 2/29/2012

"LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much....excellent customer service!!!"

- , , 2/15/2012

"Listings work great! I will be using you every time I have to lease."

- Dan H., Owner, Condo in Phoenix 1/27/2012

"We really love Rentlinx, we track our calls coming in and it does what you say it does."

- Mark T., Owner / Broker, Compass Property Management 1/26/2012

"You do a great job! I wish everybody I worked with was as responsive!"

- Jason P., Creative Director, Wynnestone Communities 12/7/2011

"Thank you! This is proof that it pays to use "Plus"!!!! The occupancy has gone from 81% to 94% this year as a result of the added traffic that was generated and we expect to finish the year above 98%!!!"

- Rick G., Property Manager, KMG Prestige 11/18/2011

"Thank you so much for your service. I had my house listed for a month elsewhere, with 1 unqualified applicant. Within 1 week of making my rentlinx account, I have had 6 applicants and a successful placement. Your service is amazing. Thank you again, "

- Daniel V., Owner, Pemberton 11/12/2011

"Thank you Amanda! I really do like your web site. I will add my other rental this weekend. Thanks again!"

- Steve L. , Owner, 9/14/2011

"Please cancel my ad, and send the bill. I have rented the place thanks to you. Janette "

- Janette M., Owner, Marnik Properties 9/12/2011

"Thank you very much for the quick response. I have found great results with your website in the past. So I thank you again."

- Pamela K., Owner, Pam's Rentals 8/15/2011

"Love your platform... great job! Thank you so much for the quick reply. I think you guys deserve a better testimonial, but feel free to use this one. :) "

- Alexander L., Professional Apartment Locating, Apartments Finder 5/3/2011

"I am real pleased with the results that I got from Rentlinx Plus!. I had paid $418 for a one month ad in a local paper and had about 2 calls a week. After my ad appeared on Rentlinx my phone really started ringing, and I had to choose between 2 people who wanted to rent our condo. Thanks, Don V"

- Donald Van Den Berghe, Owner, 4/12/2011

"Rent Linx is the BEST, I love it - I can't tell enough landlords about it, I even tell possible tenants about it if I can't help them. Thanks for a great service, Amanda - you're the best, and RentLinx is OK also - lol!!"

- Scott F., Owner, Lease This Place 3/3/2011

"The apt has been rented for the forseeable future. Thank you so much for this website. This is the second rental in a row from it's use. I will recommend this site to my friends and will use it next time for myself. Thank you again!"

- Laura Wahlbom, Property Manager, 2/15/2011

"I like the way RentLinx Plus! works - it only kicks in when I have availability. It works great!"

- Alicia C., Property Manager, Harwood Properties 2/1/2011

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what I think about your services. They ARE GREAT!! I have gotten excellent results from your site. Much better than the newspaper (which I've stopped using). Keep up the good work. Mike Van Buren Can - Be Investments, LLC"

- Mike Van Buren, Owner, Can - Be Investments, LLC 1/26/2011

"Property is leased up with Plus!"

- Bert H., Owner, S&G Property Management 1/10/2011

"It's my job to get leases. It's my advertising partner's job to provide good quality and quantity of leads. I recommend RentLinx PLUS! to my marketing and lease-up clients. It's my low-cost "secret weapon". I switched a 300-unit property in southern Michigan to PLUS! and they increased from 1 to 4 leads per month to 29 to 50 monthly leads. A 500-unit property in northwest Detroit was getting 1-2 leads per month and amplified to 41-47 leads with Rentlinx PLUS! including phone calls and internet inquiries. Paying for performance is a wise use of limited marketing funds and on that note, one-third to one-half of the Rentlinx leads were still FREE because of the websites accessed by our clients. I calculate that I am really paying less than $5 for each lead generated and love the added benefit of listening to the calls for quality control and staying connected to the sales situation. In both these cases, after seeing such amazing results for such a small expenditure, I increased our monthly limit for Rentlinx PLUS! leads. "

- Leah Brewer, The Leasing Queen, Full Housing Marketing 12/13/2010

"Thank you and I think this is a great site. Good job!"

- Mary D., Owner, 12/3/2010

"Thank you and your team for catching this fraud and letting me know! I really appreciate the care and concern. This post did seem too good to be true, and, this is my first time looking for places to rent, using online search engines. I will contact you and your team again if I have ANY other questions or concerns about rental shopping online. I want you folks to know that you are doing a great service to the community, thank you again!!"

- Ken U, Renter, 11/24/2010

"Your service is exceptional. All of my properties are now rented because of your referrals. Please stop any future ads A.S.A.P. but stay in contact with me from time to time in case of vacancies. Thank you!!! "

- Pete D., Owner, Doria Real Estate Holdings 11/17/2010

"Thanks! You guys are GREAT!!! (RE: The Plus! e-mail lead you received has been refunded to your account. The reason for the refund is "This is a spam email. Someone claiming to have a rental house for sale.")"

- Lana H., Property Manager, University-Places.com 11/11/2010

"We rented our apartment in 10 days with RentLinx Plus! We've had more people come and look at our apartment than we've had in a long time. This is terrific - I'm not kidding! We spent $100 on the local newspaper and got nothing. Then we tried the local rental guide and got a few calls. RentLinx Plus! is the ONLY way to go if you want to rent your apartment! RentLinx Plus! is fabulous!"

- Ann D., Owner, A & M Apartment 10/26/2010

"Your site has been a tremendous help aid for me, suffering in this bad economy. I have recommended your company to all my friends and relatives. Thank you for being so great!!!"

- Dannine P, Landlord, Dannine's Place 10/11/2010

"As my assistant and I were listening to the RentLinx webinar, she kept saying "we know that" or "we do that" - and I told her that's a testimony to how "user friendly" Rentlinx is. It's truly one of the easiest websites I've ever used - very intuitive. There are a lot of websites out there that are frustrating to navigate and waste the user's time, but Rentlinx is fast, efficient and soooooo easy to use - we love it!"

- Maggie L., Property Manager, Three Oaks Properties LLC 10/8/2010

"LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much....excellent customer service!!!"

- Irene J., Senior Property Manager, Westminster Property Management 8/17/2010

"RentLinx Plus works great, I love the fact that I can give properties a little extra boost when they need it without having to commit to long term contracts."

- Jeff S, Multifamily Marketing Manager, Broder & Sachse 8/5/2010

"Thank you guys once again for such excellent service."

- James S., Realtor, JCI Realtors of Detroit 8/4/2010

"I love your service... RentLinx is great!"

- Everett F., Owner, Everett Rentals 7/24/2010

"Thank you for your excellent service with our advertisement!"

- FerndalePlace, Owner, FerndalePlace 7/24/2010

"I posted a home for rent and it was rented in 1 day!!! Of course I used Plus! to make it happen. You guys are AWESOME!"

- Rafael W, Primary, Adobe Chateau 6/15/2010

"Thank you - this is a wonderful service."

- Claire R., Owner, 6/9/2010

"I just want to let you know how happy I am with the Rentlinx Plus services! You are great at scanning leads and deleting any duplicates and questionable ones. Plus, our leads have increased and I love the recorded calls!"

- Terri N, General Manager, Valley Ranch Apartments 4/19/2010

"I joined in Dec. '09, and had great success renting 2 homes through RentLinx. Thanks! "

- Elaine B., Owner, 4/4/2010

"I am very impressed with RentLinx. We use only RentLinx and craigslist for advertising. The RentLinx Plus! Rent Report gives me critical market data -- you make me look good. RentLinx is the key to our success!"

- Mark H., Property Management Owner, MTH Management 3/4/2010

"I used to spend $2,500 per year in newspaper ads. RentLinx is very affordable and the ads have made it possible to find better people for renting. I also want to take this moment to thank you for your previous assistance in placing ads. You've always been very helpful."

- Nancy B., Owner, Alter Apartments 2/26/2010

"I have a renter for my house! I will never forget RentLinx Plus! "

- Mary D., Owner, 2/11/2010

"You have inspired me to get many donations out too. Thanks for the boost. My property in Lansing has been rented for a year due to your service"

- Tom T., Owner, 12/23/2009

"Our traffic has increased with Plus! substantially! Before Plus!, July had been our high point with 30 leads. In October we had 67 leads (a 124% increase), and in November 85 leads representing a 184% increase over July!"

- Melissa S., Executive Property Manager, Wilson White 12/3/2009

"Your site rented the apartment in 2006 and the tenant is still here!"

- Bill W, President, Allison James Estates and Homes 12/1/2009

"I am in love with the RentLinx platform. I am generating better leads and it is so easy to update. THANK YOU!"

- Jon Keller, President, J Keller Properties 11/12/2009

"I love RentLinx and how easy it is to use. When I have a vacancy I always jump on your site. You generate leads, you have a great product, and when I have called for tech support I always received a friendly person on the other end of the phone."

- David J, Property Manager, VDR Capital 9/23/2009

"I just finished up with the listing. Hopefully, we will solve our rental situation like we did the last time. Excellent service and much appreciated."

- Carolina A., Owner, Park Place 8/25/2009

"Great website, thanks for making it available."

- Rob R., Owner, Homeworks Properties 8/24/2009

"Rentlinx is by far the greatest landlord site I've ever used. Thanks for all you guys do! "

- Mordy B., Property Manager, Country Way Apt Townhomes 7/29/2009

"I just wanted to let you know that I think that your web site is very user friendly and well designed. It was very easy to add our properties listings and pictures. Thank you."

- Rafeik A., Property Manager, Luxor Management Group 6/25/2009

"WOW! A speedy reply, a great answer, I am really impressed! You, your boss, the company, and your parents and teachers all deserve a compliment. You made it easy for me."

- Dave K, Owner, Private Owner 6/17/2009

"Your RentLinx site is extremely easy to use and service-oriented! Any questions are answered promptly and courteously. You guys are the best!"

- Judy McDonald, Manager, McDonald Management 6/15/2009

"I just want to say this this is best site I have ever worked with. The simplicity is phenomenal. As our ad states we have 116 units and eventually will have them all listed with pictures. I can't wait for another apartment to come available so I can snap photos and post them. I also want you to know that every person I speak to about our building I send to your site. "

- Nancy Callas, Assistant Property Manager, Back Bay Tower 4/17/2009

"Excellent website, user friendly, thank you so much! "

- Rich G., Owner, 3/8/2009

"Thank you. Your website is great!"

- Derrick W., Property Owner, Derrick W. 2/13/2009

"No one from craigslist ever calls me back - it's very frustrating. I really appreciate it when you answer my questions when I call. Thanks!"

- Marie G., Property Manager, G Rentals 2/11/2009

"I love your site and plan to advertise more homes soon."

- LAS, Owner, LAS 2/2/2009

"Thank you for good fast response. That's customer service."

- R. Curley , Property Manager, E. Randolph Properties 1/6/2009

"Thanks for all your help. I just had to advertise house for a reasonable rent during these difficult times in Michigan. Very user friendly and keep up the good work! "

- Jim S., Property Owner, 12/10/2008

"I need you to know that your website has worked wonders for me in the short time that I have been utilizing it. You are invaluable!!!"

- Yolanda C, Owner, Camrick Properties 10/30/2008

"Love the lead report! Also like the option of not advertising the leased properties. (Just found that option today.)"

- Cal H, President, Hemmeke Properties 10/30/2008

"We all find RentLinx extremely "user friendly" and we get a lot of response to our listings. We are listed on some other websites that make it incredibly difficult to edit our ad information. I endorse your site without reservation. Thank you. "

- Dan K., Property Manager, American Preferred Management 10/29/2008

"You rock!! I really like the reports that print out per property that show the history of each address and where the leads are generated from."

- Kathy D, Associate Broker, Lighthouse Property Management 10/28/2008

"I love it! I really love how helpful your employees are! Anytime I request a new feature, you have it up and running within a few days/weeks, depending on how complicated it might be to do. We have a LOT of phone calls coming in!"

- Laurel L, Leasing Manager, Compass Property Management 10/27/2008

"Your service just gets better and better... keep up the good work!"

- John, Board of Directors, National Real Estate Investors Association 10/19/2008

"I am so happy with RentLinx because I have had some interest. I just posted the ad on 9/11/08. Thank you. "

- Sandra P., Property Manager, Kenn Podleski 9/13/2008

"I've only been using RentLinx a short time, but the response that I have been getting from this exposure has been GREAT! Thanks. "

- Mike V.B., Owner, Can - Be Investments, LLC 7/16/2008

"I received a deluge of calls within 1 hour of posting my listing to your site. This service is invaluable; thanks for making it available."

- April R., Leasing Agent, 6/23/2008

"RentLinx is the BEST!!! I advertise ALL my properties on this site and rent them very quickly."

- Jonathan G., Property Management Specialist, JAAG Property Development Group,LLC 6/18/2008

"I appreciate the leads this site has provided so far and I have recommended it to others. "

- Mike S., Property Owner, 4/9/2008

"Thanks a lot -- we got lots of calls. It was a great service! "

- SamO, Property Manager, Alade Properties 3/19/2008

"It has been a whole new world since using RentLinx! Thank you so much for your encouragement and enlightenment. Our office and business is much more enhanced because you guys are there for us. Thank you and have a wonderful day! "

- Nicole M., Property Manager, PMSI 3/12/2008

"I'm thrilled I have another source other than the newspaper to get my property "out there." Thanks again! "

- Sandy P., Property Owner, 3/11/2008

"I am happy to say that my property is off the market and has been rented. Your website was very helpful in finding a renter for me! "

- Sandra P., Property Owner, 3/9/2008

"We love your WebLinx service!"

- Don L, Property Owner, Picket Fence Properties 2/29/2008

"This site is great and so is your support team."

- Tina K., Property Owner, Terry & Tina Karp 2/12/2008

"They found us with RentLinx! We are so happy to have it rented, it is tough making two house payments!! "

- Aimee P., Property Owner, 2/5/2008

"My house is now rented. Many thanks. Loved your service! "

- Gina D., Independent Rental Owner, 11/10/2007

"My contact at the Area Agency on Aging (who is charged with the responsibility of finding housing for persons exiting nursing homes) was absolutely delighted to find the RentLinx data. Thanks again for your awesome service! "

- Nelson G., Housing Coordinator, Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC) 10/2/2007

"I appreciate how user-friendly your website is. It's like one-stop shopping: sign into Rentlinx and you can update multiple sites all at once. How great is that!! "

- Robin A., Community Manager, GLD Management 9/25/2007

"I like the Units Quick View feature!!! Great time saver! "

- Robin A., Community Manager, GLD Management 9/25/2007

"The brain child of "Rentlinx" has our appreciation. The opportunity to advertise our properties in this matter has proven very effective to us and the potential clients we serve. We Thank you."

- Carlotta J., Property Manager, JLH Property Management 9/23/2007

"I still think Rentlinx is the greatest thing since sliced bread!! You deserve an absolute thumbs up. Thanks again and my biggest regret is waiting so long to get it going. I have had property owners call because they listed and within the same day are receiving calls on the units already. That speaks volumes of your program. "

- Mona H., Executive Director, Bismarck-Mandan Apt. Association 8/7/2007

"I’m delighted with the addition of the RentLinx feature to our web site. Very nice work you folks did for us. "

- Jim B., Co-Director, Smoke-Free Environments Law Project 8/3/2007

"Just so you know, I love your service. I wish you offered management services too. I could not live without your service."

- Peter V., Property Manager, Regal Property Management 8/2/2007

"Just wanted to let you know how much my clients and I love the services you provide. You have made a significant contribution to our industry and we thank you!"

- Kathy Banker, CAS, Banker & Associates 7/21/2007

"Our call centers have this resource in their databases. Great resource! "

- Sherry M., Director, Michigan 2-1-1, Michigan Association of United Ways 7/6/2007

"RentLinx ROCKS! If anyone wants references, please have them give us a call - by all means! RentLinx has helped our members so much it's the least that we can do! "

- Nori G., Membership Director, Property Management Association of West Michigan 4/30/2007

"Purchasing WebLinx was a “no brainer.” Looking forward to working with you! "

- Sherri W., Regional Manager, Keystone Management Group 1/26/2007

"I’ve been raving about your services to my peers. I’m totally excited about working with your company."

- Aaron H., Lic. Sales Associate, RebateRentals.com Realty, Inc. 1/25/2007

"Great site!!! I like that I can view all open apartments within our management group. This feature will help in referring clients. "

- Robin A, Northwinds Manager, GLD Management 12/12/2006

"I just wanted to let you know that I am having great success with my RentLinx postings. On the one 3 bedroom that I am currently advertising I am getting about 15 hits a day."

- Tom E., Owner, Tom Ewing Properties 12/4/2006

"I really like the way you set up this site. I am looking forward to seeing the response. "

- Ella D., Property Manager, Broad Street 11/27/2006

"I would like to thank you for listing the 2-bdrm apt that was available here at Parkside. Thank you. RentLinx produced the lead that rented the place."

- David S, Manager, Parkside Apartments 9/27/2006

"Having RentLinx as a partner in providing benefits to our members has been an incredibly valuable service."

- Alice E., Executive Officer, Washtenaw Area Apartment Association 9/15/2006

"RentLinx has proven to truly exemplify the term "Partner". Their FREE new value-packed benefit allows us to better serve the entire membership of the DMAA, as well as the greater Detroit community at large. "

- Kristian J., Association Exec., Detroit Metropolitan Apartment Association 9/14/2006

"We have had a huge spike in leads from your site (4 in the past 24 hours). THANK YOU!!!"

- Tiffany, Leasing Manager, Beachwalk Apartments 8/9/2006

"RentLinx has been a life saver as we receive tons of calls asking for any rental properties available and at least now I have a place to refer them to. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate this service. Thank you and your staff again!! "

- Mona H., Executive Director, Bismarck-Mandan Apartment Association 8/8/2006

"Enjoying the new features :) It works well. Thanks. "

- Mary M., Property Manager, Three Oaks Property Management 3/29/2006

"Thanks for keeping in touch and being so very helpful. I have been telling everyone I talk to about you and how very great your service is and how beneficial RentLinx has been in just a couple weeks. "

- Nicole M., Property Manager, PMSI 3/28/2006