Management Software Integration

If you use software to track information about your properties, such as rent and availability, then RentLinx Data Feeds can pull this data directly from your system, so you never have to update your property information twice.

Data Feeds has the ability to automatically update the following information in your RentLinx account (assuming availability in your system):

  • Property information - Address, name, description, location, number of units, year built, contact information, etc.
  • Unit (or floor plan) information - Names, rent, availability, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Property and unit amenities - Amenities, appliances, lease lenths, pet policies and more.
  • Property and unit photos - Including captions.

You may also use a combination of Data Feeds and manual updating of your account. For example, if your software does not include photos, you may add and update photos directly through the RentLinx website, and let Data Feeds update the rest.


Data Feeds is included with all current paid RentLinx subscription plans! Learn more on our subscription pricing page.

VaultWare™ Integration

If you are a VaultWare™ client, Data Feeds can accept a VaultWare feed to automatically update your RentLinx account. Currently, VaultWare can provide us the following information:

  • Floor plan information - Names, rent, square feet, link to check availability and reservation system.

To update the other information in your account, you can login to the RentLinx website.

Technical Details

Data Feeds accepts a feed file with your property data that you publish on your website in DataLinx XML format.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is Data Feeds?

    A. Data Feeds is an optional service offered to RentLinx users. Data Feeds automatically updates your RentLinx account by importing property data from your property management system to RentLinx.

  • Q. Do you integrate with VaultWare™?

    A. Yes! See the VaultWare™ section above. Our standard DataLinx pricing includes VaultWare™ integration.

  • Q. Can I see when Data Feeds makes changes to my account?

    A. Yes! The Data Feeds service includes a powerful management section in your RentLinx account. You can a log of each update that occurred, and also drill down to see details including messages, warnings and errors. See the screen shots below.

    Viewing the Data Feeds log allows you to track exactly when your properties were updated.

    The log details show important messages, warnings and errors that occurred during the load.

  • Q. How do we get started?

    A. Contact us with any questions, or visit our subscriptions page to get started!