Outgoing Datafeed Format


This page details our outgoing XML format for property feeds we send to our partners.

Receiving a Feed

If you are not yet receiving a feed, please contact us to inquire about becoming a RentLinx partner. Once you are added as a partner, we'll send you a link to your feed in the format below.

New: You can now get even fresher property data by participating in the RentLinx Real-Time Property Syndication API! See that linked article for details, and contact us to inquire about getting set up.

Sample XML File

Download the entire annotated sample XML file

Annotated Sample XML

Supported PropertyType and Amenity ID Values

Here's the list of all PropertyType element values.

Value (goes in XML) Description
Apartments Apartments
House House
Condo Condo
Duplex Duplex
Triplex Triplex
4plex 4plex
Senior Senior Housing
AssistedLiving Assisted Living
Subsidized Subsidized
GardenStyle Garden Style (1-4 stories)
MidRise Mid Rise (5-8 stories)
Townhouse Townhome
Flat Flat
Cooperative Cooperative
CorporateSuite Corporate Suite
HighRise High Rise (9+ stories)
Mobile Mobile Home
SpecialNeeds Special Needs Housing
Room For Rent Room For Rent


This is the list of all AmenityID values.

AmenityID (goes in XML) Name Group
1 Heat Included Utilities
2 Resident Pays Heat Utilities
3 Electricity Included Utilities
4 Resident Pays Electricity Utilities
5 Gas Included Utilities
6 Resident Pays Gas Utilities
7 Water Included Utilities
8 Resident Pays Water Utilities
9 Other Utilities
10 Small Dogs Allowed Pets
11 Cats Allowed Pets
12 No Dogs Allowed Pets
13 No Cats Allowed Pets
14 No Pets Allowed Pets
15 Other Pets
16 Month to Month LeaseLengths
17 2 Months LeaseLengths
18 3 Months LeaseLengths
19 4 Months LeaseLengths
20 6 Months LeaseLengths
21 9 Months LeaseLengths
22 10 Months LeaseLengths
23 12 Months LeaseLengths
24 24 Months LeaseLengths
25 Other LeaseLengths
26 Dishwasher Appliances
27 Air Conditioning (Wall Unit) Appliances
28 Air Conditioning Appliances
29 Refrigerator Appliances
30 Range Appliances
31 Oven Appliances
32 Garbage Disposal Appliances
33 Washer & Dryer Appliances
34 Washer & Dryer Hookup Appliances
35 Other Appliances
36 Furnished Amenities
37 Unfurnished Amenities
38 Parking Amenities
39 Other Amenities
40 8 Months LeaseLengths
41 Pool Amenities
42 Exercise Facility Amenities
43 High-Speed Internet Included Utilities
44 High-Speed Internet Available Utilities
45 Microwave Appliances
46 Meal Program Available Amenities
47 Home Health Services Available Amenities
48 Transportation Service Available Amenities
49 Elevator in Building Amenities
50 No-Step or Ramped Entry Accessibility
51 Accessible Parking Accessibility
52 32" or Wider Doorways Accessibility
53 36" or Wider Hallways Accessibility
54 Lever Style Door Handles Accessibility
55 Environmental Controls 15"-48" Above Floor Accessibility
56 Grab Bars in Bathroom Accessibility
57 Low Threshold or Roll-In shower Accessibility
58 5' Turning Radius or T-Turn in Bathroom Accessibility
59 Accessible Bathroom Vanities Accessibility
60 Front Loading or Front Control Kitchen Appliances Accessibility
61 Accessible Kitchen Counters Accessibility
62 Clear Floor Area in Front of Sink and Range Accessibility
63 Other Accessibility
64 Smoke Free Amenities
65 Rent-to-Own LeaseLengths
66 Basement Amenities
67 Resident Pays Trash Pick-up Utilities
68 Trash Pick-up Included Utilities
69 Garage Amenities
70 Yard Amenities
71 Patio Amenities
72 Balcony Amenities
73 Deck Amenities
74 Washer & Dryer On-Site Appliances
75 Large Dogs Allowed Pets